A Book For October.. The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up (Declutter)

Declutter your life….
So since I can remember I have always been a huge fan of decluttering. I thought that I was good at getting rid of unwanted stuff, which just piled up in my cupboards. However once I started reading this fantastic book everything changed. Marie Kondo has been studying the art of decluttering since she was a child. She uses all of her knowledge to help and guide you through decluttering your life once and for all.

I declutter on a regular basis and thought I had it down to a fine art that was until I read this book. Marie has shown me how to declutter every possible space in my home. I’ve spent hours trawling through my belonging to see if they spark joy within me.

Having clutter in your home restricts the flow of energy. My home is my sanctuary a place I come to to rest, relax, unwind, sleep and entertain. One thing I learnt from this book was to sort by category not location. Previously I would of sorted my areas room by room, this is not the correct format and can lead to a relapse. So it’s better to sort by category. The clutter in our space can affect our mood so it’s important to declutter once and for all.

One important factor to consider when you are decluttering is, don’t let your family see. Once others have seen what you are discarding they will take things out and place them back in the house… this defeats the object.

So where to start

Firstly Marie explains to start with clothes, why because they are the easiest thing to remove. Her clever storage ideas in your wardrobe of using an arrow. Then folding techniques for jumpers, t-shirts, socks etc are so effective. After tackling this area I feel I have far more space. This book will guide you through what needs to be in your wardrobe and what needs to be in your draws.

Moving onto books

Secondly moving onto books.. Marie has a clever and unquie way of you removing unwanted books. Once I read this chapter I have cleared 3 whole book shelf of books. The concept is quite a ruthless way of sorting them. Her philosophy of your unread books… You think you may read them at sometime but this actually means never!! Once I had conquered this area, I understood her philosophy.


We all have papers in our house, mail, newspapers, policies, bills, invitations, magazines etc. she will explain how to manage them using just 3 folders.

Now for your study materials, electrical appliances, greeting cards, unused chequebooks and the miscellaneous i.e. CDs, skincare, make- up and many more. This chapter will guide you through how to sort these areas. I can honestly say that following her guide to this point in the book, I have disguarded 4 bags to the charity, 1 for recycling and 1 for the rubbish. Every item you have in your home has a place to be stored, ranging from your loose change to your photographs. After reading this book I get up everyday and think what category am I going to sort through. I seriously cannot stop decluttering.

Space and storage

Next she looks at storage and giving each person a designated space to store their own belonging. Her theory is ‘if all of your stuff is in one place you are more likely to be tidy’. She will guide you through this section using examples from previous clients to encourage you to find the right solution. She then looks at storing your bags, it would appear that over the years she has tried and tested several methods but most failed. However she did come up with a great solution which I am going to use. Following on she explains why we should empty our handbags everyday, this is another technique which I am going to put into practice. The rest of this chapter is interesting and important to read if you are serious about being clutter free.

Transforming your life

In this final chapter Marie explains the impact decluttering has had on her clients lives. How their  lives have transformed, all with very positive results. She also explains a little about her life and why she became obsessed by tidying. She breaks down the reasons why we hold onto stuff from the past and how we can learn to do without many items. Our living space has an affect on our body, Marie has witnessed dramatic results from clients whom have decluttered. Imagine living in a house with items around you that only spark joy, how happy would you feel?

Well this experience could be yours if you read this fantastic book … The life-changing magic of tidying by Marie Kondo.


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  1. Oh sounds fab. I have embraced decluttering in recent months and already feel happier and more free but would love to read more about tackling some of my harder tasks.

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