Christmas Preparations For The Festive Season

Getting ready for the festive season!

Is it too early to mention Christmas? I know it’s only October and the sun is still shining. But I am starting to think about Christmas. This is the time when I start to prepare for the celebrations ahead. Due to this I will be giving helpful tips and advice on how I limit stress over the festive season.

This is the time to overindulge, enjoy the seasons’ tunes, have fun and frolics. However it is important to reduce stress, debt and holiday chaos.

Firstly Saving… I tend to save money each month, this starts at the end of September. Therefore I am ready to purchase any gifts, wrapping paper, tags and bags needed in October.

Following this I will write a Christmas shopping list with a budget in mind and update my Christmas card list.

In the evenings I can cosy up on the sofa, light the log burner and enjoy a glass of wine whilst I trawl through the internet and start my online shopping.

Once my purchases have arrived I will wrap them straight away, write out the name tags, then place them in the bags.

I will also write my Christmas cards (believe me when December comes, you will be glad that this is another job completed).

Completing all of this in October and November allows me to enjoy the spirit of Christmas, without the holiday stress and chaos involved around this most wonderful time of the year.


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  1. I love early Xmas planning. I also make sure that I book activities or restaurants early so that I don’t miss out. This year we are going to Kew Gardens and there were sessions that were already fully booked in mid October.

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