Book For September – The Dream House

Since recently writing my blog post about habits, I have followed through my goal of book reading everyday. Because of this I have chosen to review this fabulous book called ‘The Dream House’ written by Rachel Hore.

This lovely chick flick is about a family’s new venture, moving from the city to the countryside.

The Dream House

Kate was living in the City and the thought of moving to the countryside would be like a dream come true. We all have dreams of living in a gorgeous house in a different location. However for the main character Kate, this house had a special appeal to it. But as with all dreams, it’s not always quite as straight forward. She moves in with her mother-in-law whilst searching for their new home. But when Kate finally stumbles across the house of her dreams, she realises that the property belongs to an old frail lady called Agnes. Agnes has a wealth of knowledge and passed secrets which she shares with Kate. Little did Kate know, Agnes would become a prominent and important figure in her new life.

Rachel beautifully captures the whole essence of what an up root it is on the whole family and the impact it has on their lives to relocate.

This book was an easy read, I found it warm, funny at times, realistic and I was totally absorbed. It’s intriguing, uplifting and beautifully written with a wonderful woven story.

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