Breville Slow Cooker Review

Breville Slow Cooker review

September is such a great month, good for harvesting and getting things ready for those winter months ahead. This includes thinking of what to eat on those cold evenings when you arrive home from work, tired and hungry. Because of this, I purchased the fantastic Breville Slow Cooker. This great piece of equipment will make my life easier and help me to eat delicious hot tasty food when I arrive home from work. The Breville Slow Cooker has 3 settings, low, high and keep warm. So In the morning I prepare my food in the slow cooker before heading to work. When I arrive home I can enjoy a tasty evening meal.

This amazing slow cooker has an oval ceramic pot that sits in the wraparound heated element. It has a 3.5 litre capacity. With its removable ceramic pot I can bring this lovely one pot meal to the table. Once eaten I can wash the pot by hand or pop it in the dish washer. This is a great effective way to cook and experiment with different flavours. It has an easy view glass lid so that I can check my cooking progress, therefore making this the perfect kitchen essential to have in those winter months. The slow cooker can cook between four and ten hours, leaving me with succulent tender meats, tasty casseroles and stews slow cooked to perfection.  So if you are looking to purchase an incredible slow cooker and be the envy of your friends, think Breville.

Thinking of a birthday/Christmas or house warming gift, how about the Breville Slow Cooker.


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