Sugar Free Chocolate Cheesecake

Since becoming sugar free last year I knew that I would struggle with giving up sweet treats especially desserts. Therefore when I hosted my pot luck meal and a friend brought around this mouth watering chocolate cheesecake I was in heaven. To say it was delicious was an understatement and while enjoying this fabulous dessert I knew I needed this recipe. First of all she used my cacao balls recipe for the base and told me the ingredients for the topping. This cheesecake was so scrumptious I went back for seconds. It’s a fantastic dessert to take to a dinner party and an excellent alternative for afternoon tea.


The base


100g Cashew nuts

150g Medjool dates

15g Raw cacao powder

15g Raw cacao nibs



Pop the cashews into a food processor and blend until they are ground

Remove the stones from the dates if not using pitted dates

Add the dates to the cashews and process until the mixture is starting to clump

Add the cacao powder and nibs and pulse together

Place the mixture in your cake tin and press down firmly spreading out towards the edges.

Refrigerate for an hour or until set


The Topping


2 Avocados

2 Cartons of coconut cream (it must be cream not milk)

A dash of vanilla essence

A dash of date nectar

15g Raw cacoa powder



Pop all of the ingredients into a food processor and blend together

Pour onto your base and spread evenly

Refrigerate for up to 4 hours or until ready to serve

I hope you enjoy this lovely cheesecake as much as we did! This is a fantastic quick and easy recipe because it doesn’t contain any actual bakingĀ . Finally it only took about 10 minutes to make. A quick easy, tasty treat for all to savour.


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