Running – Couch to 5k

I have a love hate relationship with exercise especially running. In my teens I would happily run long distances pounding the streets and coastal paths releasing endorphins and feel fantastic. However as I have grown older my love for running has dramatically decreased. Five years ago I decided to train for the Race for Life, however onced I had completed it I had no interested in running again. I don’t know why this happened, I have no plausible explanation.

This has been on my mind a lot lately and whilst having dinner with a friend we started chatting about  running. She had mentioned that she was following the NHS programme Couch to 5k in 9 weeks, this was a light bulb moment for me!

After searching the internet and finding the NHS information regarding this I was ready to embark on my journey. The NHS has a plan which is spilt over 9 weeks. This training plan breaks down the running times into a combination of walking and running.

I started my running programme 6 weeks ago and have reached the third workout of week 6. Meaning I can start with a 5 minute walk and then run for 25 minutes without stopping. I’m covering a distance of 3.5 kilometres which I am extremely happy about.

The plan is easy to follow and I’m pleased with my progress. I’m feeling fantastic and have more energy which keeps me motivated.

When following this programme always plan your route to ensure you cover the distance required. This activity is free and means your spending time on your general well being. All you need is a good pair of running shoes and a lot of enthusiasm.

After starting this programme I realised I needed to purchase some new trainers. There was such a great selection to choose from, it was confusing. Because of this I headed to my local sports store and spoke to a professional about my footwear which meant that I purchased the correct trainers needed for this form of excercise.

Finally always remember to cool down and stretch correctly following any form of exercise training programme as this helps the muscles to recover. If you’re feeling as though you would like to improve your general fitness and release those endorphins then this is the challenge for you.

Who knows you may be running in the next Race for Life or even the London Marathon.


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