Wait!! Why worry about weight?

Around every corner I feel bombarded with weight images and messages telling me to be the perfect size. I read daily articles that tell me my life will improve if I eat less and exercise more. I’m sure it would, but not if I took it to the extreme!


Every magazine seems to have a couple of pages dedicated to weight loss. Get that perfect summer body with this new menu. Then I read… who wants to fit into their Christmas dress and sparkle for all the right reasons. After Christmas, it’s the New Year and the new you, creating a vigorous exercise regime. Combine all of these messages and beautiful images together its no wonder that us woman feel a little self conscious and confused. The magazines are so confusing with their mixed messages of losing weight and being the perfect host. Pages and pages dedicated to hosting the most amazing dinner party or BBQ whilst eating full fat and sugar enriched foods. If I’m confused at 41 how are the young woman in todays society feeling?

Why worry

Over the years weight has always been a big concern of mine. This started in my teens as I’m sure it does for most. In my twenties I had a lovely hourglass figure, toned and lean which I was totally self critical of and didn’t appreciate. However with age and personnel growth, I feel more secure in my body now. I can’t quite remember when this all changed for me. Over time I seem to feel more at ease and comfortable from within which is fantastic. I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t want to look back when I’m 60 and think why was I worried about my figure! There are so many more exciting and interesting areas to use my energy.

Enjoy your body

Finally for me the most important thing to do is to eat nutrious foods, exercise and have a healthy relationship with my body. I am just grateful that my body doesn’t let me down, I’m rarely ill just suffer occasionally from the odd cold/sore throat. I embrace my life and enjoy being my current weight. Therefore I feel confident and pleased to live a happy and healthy life.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject?

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