Hosting A Potluck Meal

A potluck evening

I love nothing more than hanging out with my friends whist eating food and sharing motivational stories. Therefore I decided to host a potluck meal evening.

What’s a potluck meal?

A potluck meal is a gathering where people come together and share a plate of food with others. This concept is very trendy in the States and is becoming more popular in the UK, therefore making it a perfect stress free and fun evening.

Hosting a potluck meal

I loved being the host of a potluck evening and having that element of suprise. Looking at the array of culinary delights which have been prepared for this amazing feast. I hosted my evening from home and invited some friends over for a girly catch up, if hosting for a large number you may need to change the organisation of the evening. Theme your evening or choose your favourite chef and ask guests to select a recipe from their book. If you are very organised maybe suggest that some guests bring a starter, others a main or a side dish/dessert, planning is essential if catering for more than 10.

On my particular evening I decided to choose a recipe from the I quit sugar book. I made a succulent pulled pork dish for the main and quickly whipped up a batch of cocao balls for dessert. By sheer luck all of the food complimented the pulled pork. We sampled some delicious colourful water melon and feta salad, a beautiful rice dish and many other tasty culinary delights. Desserts were fantastic especially with a sugar free chocolate cheesecake, it was that tasty I went back for seconds. I will be sharing this recipe with you in another blog post.

Whether you’re the host or the guest

Remember everyone has made an effort and spent time preparing the food which they have brought to this potluck party. Be sure to compliment their home made dishes. Remember this not a competition it’s about sharing food and bringing people together.

Attending a potluck 

If I were a guest invited to this special evening I would always try and bring something that I can prepare in advance. I am a fan of my slow cooker therefore would create a mouth watering slow cook dish. Or if I had more time I would make a tasty sugar free dessert.

Enjoy your potluck evening

This evening was fantastic, great fun and a brilliant way to spend time with friends sharing stories of old and new. We discussed our future plans, including our next holiday destinations whilst giggling along the way. Hic… too much wine!

So the next time you find yourself penniless call the girls and host a pot luck evening. Because this really is a great way to sample new and interesting foods for very little cost.

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