A Book for July – The Law of Attraction

You know sometimes when you read a book and think how has it taken me so long to find it. That is exactly what happened to me when I read the Law of Attraction by Kenneth Griffin. Kenneth clearly has had a terrible childhood subjected to abuse and negativity which transpired throughout his life, that was until he understood the power of the law of attraction. He writes about his personnel experiences which will trigger your emotions, it’s a powerful, moving read, heart breaking in parts!

This book has made me re-evaluate my life, it’s thought provoking, inspirational and has stopped  me in my tracks and taught me about what I am putting out there. I found it a fascinating read and couldn’t quite believe how this guy has turned his life around. Kenneth’s experiences have taught me how to turn things around for myself in a positive manner and has definitely changed my perception of life.

This is the book for you if you are looking at overcoming obstacles in your life by using willpower and changing your mindset.

If you think positive, then positive things will come to you. It’s all about truly believing in it and when you do, the results will be amazing.

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