Homemade Summer lollies

The sun is shining and it’s finally summertime….. Which means it must surely be time to eat ice lollies…. Whether your 3 or 63 there is something so nice about eating lollies in the summer months, they are refreshing and transport me back to my childhood days of eating a lolly on the beach and fun in the sun with friends and family.
So with this thought in mind I decided to stock up on fruit, coconut water, coconut milk and started to create some amazing flavours to tantalise my taste buds…. Refine sugar free and no preservatives, cheaper, healthier and fun to make, what’s not to like..

I started by ordering a fantastic ice lolly maker from Amazon, it’s in bright colours, easy to use and something I’m sure I will use again and again.

I found it interesting thinking about flavours and creating a selection of tasty treats to share with others. I decided to experiment with 4 different flavoured lollies.

1. Fizzy water with half a lemon/lime mixed together then poured into the ice lolly container… with it’s sharp thirst quenching taste this lolly is quite sour but enjoyable and refreshing.
2. Banana and coconut milk blended together then poured into the container… this is a lovely delicious sweet tasting lolly, great if you fancy a sweet treat.
3. Pear, strawberry and coconut water blended together then poured into the container… this is real mixture of flavours, which is very sweet and refreshing, a great one for children.
4. Plain coconut water poured into the container… this is tasty with that gorgeous coconut flavour, reminding me of the beach and summer fun.

I’ve got to say my favourite flavour is the banana and coconut milk which I blitz through the blender before pouring into my ice lolly maker. It’s rich creamy texture is perfect and the sweetness coming though from the banana absolutely amazing.

There really is no right or wrong flavours, you can have fun creating your very own amazing ice lollies using lots of different ingredients, have a look at what’s in your cupboard and have a little fun in the sun creating your perfect summer ice lolly.

Love for you to share your recipe ideas.

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