Habit – what does this mean – A habit is a repeated behaviour or routine that is carried out subconsciously.

Habits absolutely fascinate me, I’m a creature of habit. My habits keep me comfortable, free from making decisions, no room for failure and happy. However I have been monitoring what I am doing each day without really thinking.. I make my breakfast, have a shower, clean my teeth the same way everyday, almost robot like…. How boring I hear you say!! Or did I hear you say that’s just what I do?

Because of this I have been really thinking about bringing changes into my life, I’m leaving my job in 2 weeks, first major change.. But change doesn’t need to be that drastic, we can change where we position things in the house, drive a different route home.. Those small changes will break the habit.

My first big habit change came about last year when I decided that I didn’t want to eat refined sugar for a month.. A month led to two months and eventually this has led to a year. So how did I change this habit? According to research it takes 28 days to change a habit..

So I am going to set myself another challenge and break some more habits.. I am going to read part of a book everyday. I have got out of the habit of reading books and feel as though I want to bring this back into my life.. I’m hoping after 28 days it will just become a habit and part of my everyday life… When I’m reading I enjoy being transported into another world.

Anyone else looking to change their habits and bring something new to their lives?

Remember it only takes 28 days!

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