Don’t gossip!


Because it is a derogatory conversation about other people, which can be a betrayal of confidence and in the long term can cause an enormous about of hurt.

Through research I have found that people who gossip have a high level of anxiety. Don’t get me wrong other peoples lives fascinate me, that is why I chose to read biographies, I want to hear the journey from the people who have experienced issues etc and are ready to share these with me as a reader.

What is gossip?

It has been said that knowledge is power. Unfortunately, many people like to spread damaging information of intimate details about others, whether true or not. This is called gossip!! When gossiping you are  helping to destroy something extremely valuable.

Reasons for gossip

I find it so hard in todays society woman are so quick to judge others and gossip about their misfortunes.. I really don’t understand why, it totally confuses me. I’ve not always been this way, I’m no saint I have gossiped in the past and it did cause me a huge about of anxiety, I also felt awkward and uncomfortable when stood next to the person that I had betrayed. This was not a comfortable feeling and I decided from that moment, that I was not going to gossip anymore. Due to my decision I am trusted with secrets, concerns and worries all shared with me in the knowledge that they will not be repeated.

Let’s support one another

Support is what I believe that woman in todays society need….. others to support, listen, encourage and enrich their lives not discuss their misfortunes when their back is turned. I must admit I avoid woman who have this kind of nature and chose not to be in their company. I have lost a few friends through making this decision, however it has left room for new people to come into my life… I’m a great believer that as one door closes another will always open.  I want to spend time with empowering woman who enrich my life, share information, encourage me through difficult times, woman I can relay upon, trust and who have my best interests at heart. It would be great if every woman could support another and not gossip and see their positive qualities.


So where do we go from here, lead by example and be more aware of the company you keep and the gossip around you. It’s ok to have a whinge about something, we are all human and things will annoy us at times…we all come from different walks of life and have had different experiences, which I think is amazing, if only we could share this information and grow from each others knowledge, or approach the person and tell them your not happy about a situation… we will gain more respect this way! Lets not be involved with gossip and hopefully tackle the situation head on. This is most important for teenagers growing up in todays society with their anxieties around every corner…… If we stop gossiping from this day forward we are setting a good example.

A beautiful quote

I found this beautiful quote from Eleanor Roosevelt – ‘Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events and small minds discuss people.’

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