Fun things to do after work


Fun things to do after work.

If it’s been a long day at work and now your home and wondering what to do, phone a friend and head outdoors and enjoy these amazing pursuits.

1. Grab your flip flops and head to the beach, there’s nothing nicer than the sea air to take away those stresses of work.
2. Host a games night for friends, we are all big kids really and enjoy a good game or two.
3. Why not watch a sunset, spend a fabulous free evening observing nature in all its natural beauty.
4. Star gazing with an app on your phone, there’s nothing quite like star gazing, find all of the stars and join them up to create a picture with this fabulous app.
5. Have an outdoor tea party in a park, bring a flask of coffee or a jug of pimms, with a great selection of sandwiches and any other delicious treats to share.
6. Go kayaking on the open sea, river or across a lake and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding you.
7. Potluck meal, bring a plate to a party, this is great as you get to sample lots of different and amazing recipes.
8. Go to the local pool for swim, whilst there relax in the jacuzzi, then finish with a steam room. Great for resetting the balance.
9. Join a book club and meet like minded people who like interesting reads.
10. Enjoy a lovely walk around your home town, you never know you may spot some hidden gems along the way.

I hope you enjoy the evenings and fill them with exciting things, it’s always nice to do something after work, even if it’s just for 30 minutes, it’s a great way to catch up with friends and enjoy doing the things you love.

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