The Movie - Alice Through The Looking Glass

The Movie Alice Through The Looking Glass

For the last day of my staycation it decided to rain, so I spent part of my day relaxing and reading other blog posts before heading out to the local cinema to watch Disney’s Alice Through The Looking Glass.
I had previously watched Alice In Wonderland and enjoyed the characters being brought to life, so much so I thought that this would be a great movie choice.

Within this movie Alice steps through a magic mirror and is transported back to her whimsical world from her childhood adventures which contains the spectacular and unforgettable characters from Lewis Caroll’s beloved stories. There was something so lovely and comforting to see┬áthe same characters again, it brought a smile to my face when they excitedly showed Alice a warm welcome back to their enchanted magical kingdom.

This story is based around friendship and really believing in yourself as Alice travels back in time to help the Mad Hatter find his family. In order to prevent a heartbreaking end for her friend, she turns to TIME himself who is half human and half clockwork who is protecting the Chromosphere which enables time travel. She borrows the Chromosphere despite all of the dangers and warnings given to her about travelling back in time. As always there were a lot of obstacles to overcome along the way, during her journey it is revealed about why the Red Queen is so wicked. A very interesting twist!!

Overall a brilliant movie that captured my imagination and had me on the edge of my seat at times. The special effects were amazing and the whole movie was visually impressive. I found it to be an inspiring movie with a great acting which lived up to my expectations of a Walt Disney movie.

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