Woman Hood

I love women and think they are amazing and inspiring, what I find odd at times is how little we as individuals support one another…… How we find it difficult to be happy for others success, I know as this was me many years ago, I would sometimes think why them and not me?? I worked hard and I deserve this!! But as the years have passed and I have grown and developed, I know that this is their journey and mine will be a truly different one.

This leads me nicely onto the topic of comparisons, which raises it head around every corner, why do we compare ourselves to others??
This is another thing I have done in the past and I have tried to find fault in another persons life so that I didn’t feel so crap about mine.. This behaviour is so destructive and soul destroying, why would I do this???

Society has a huge part to play in this messed up thought process, us woman need to be seen to be doing and having it all…. Yes we can have it all if we are living the life we really want to live without the guilt, criticism and judging ourselves or others. If we are kind to ourselves and think about what we really need as individuals to live a truly happy content and wholesome life…. It may be very different to the life we are currently living….

I’m not saying that woman don’t have their struggles and can give up work tomorrow, there are bills to pay, mouths to feed and work to be done….

But the next time you hear yourself comparing your situation to the person next to you.. Remember this is their journey and your story will be different…..

Even better in some way because it’s yours..

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