A Book For May – I Quit Sugar

After launching a book of the month in April, I was wondering which book to select for May, there are so many fabulous and interesting reads to choose from… However, I quit sugar around this time last year and with so much media attention and the sugar tax I thought this would be a fantastic book to share. This superb, insightful read is called I Quit Sugar, this has helped to wean me off of my sugar addiction and curb my sweet cravings. Sarah Wilson has some good tips, helpful guides and delicious recipes to support you through this transition.

This book has a list of 148 recipes, the chapters I used the most are:

Interesting Breakfasts – I have made most of these and have enjoyed them at various times, they were easy to make, tasty and great for everyone (even  Mr P).

Totally Tote-able – brilliant for food on the go, fantastic for the office, for people with busy lifestyles or those traveling who want a nutrious meal. Sarah has cleverly reinvented comfort classics, I’ve made the pulled pork for various occasions and it’s always proved to be a huge hit.

Midweek One Pot Meals – I have made the Vietnamese Chicken Curry again and again and again, this chapter is full of lovely, easy, tasty meals to share with the whole family.

Celebration Chapter – We all have these in our lives it’s almost impossible to avoid them, birthdays, dinner party desserts, Christmas and Easter. I have made the Christmas Pavlova Trifle, who’d have thought you could eat this delicious food, without refined sugar in your diet!

This book is just great, with fab recipes to help you through these special occasions. Sarah seems to have thought of everything with fantastic ideas to get the children on board, making sugar free pack lunches.

Finally my all time favourite chapter and my pure indulgence…. A Chapter of Chocolate…. Need I say anymore.

With this book there is a lot of cooking from scratch but it’s all about planning ahead, Sarah has devised a few menu plans to help you get started…
I cannot express how amazing I have felt since quitting sugar, my blog post explains about all the benefits I have experienced whilst removing sugar from my diet.

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