In a bid to lose weight and stay trim over the summer months I’ve been reading magazines and other media sources and health and fitness experts suggest cutting out carbohydrates….. But not oats..

I have to say I use oats in so many of my homemade recipes, they are packed with fibre, vitamins, minerals, they also contain folic acid, zinc, selenium, copper, iron, magnesium and are a low glycemic carbohydrate. They are cheap to buy, making them a great superfood for everyone to enjoy, I have them for breakfast and this keeps me feeling satisfied and full until lunchtime. To me oats are a fantastic source of healthy goodness and a must have in my diet, I use them in my smoothies, soak them overnight with almond milk and chai seeds for breakfast, make breakfast bars, granola, oatcake flapjacks (a real favourite of mine a recipe from Rachel Holmes) and crumble toppings, the variations for these are limitless……

So the next time you’reĀ in the kitchen don’t see oats as a taboo, start experimenting with these and find some delicious recipes, you maybe surprised.

Please share any recipes, always looking for new ideas!


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