I found this amazing website (iWalkCornwall) a few months ago, its full of wonderful walks around Cornwall. Also I noticed that they had a free App and thought we could use it to walk around Ladock (a beautiful little village just on the outskirts of Truro), the walk we chose was brilliant, it was 5 miles long and took us on a good route, with clear concise directions, it was safe for Bella and very picturesque. The route took us off the beaten track, through fields, past farms and over stiles…. you never quite know where it’s going to lead you and what the scenery will be surrounding you.

Because of this positive experience we wanted to use it again.

The App (downloadable from iWalkCornwall website) is spilt into many different categories, you can choose your walk by location, the type of walk (coastal, pub, riverside and many more). Once you have selected your walk, the details of the location, how many miles it is and if it’s easy, moderate or strenuous.  Each walk can be purchased at £1.49, making this a cheap day/afternoon out enjoying Cornwall and all it has to offer. Once the walk is downloaded, the App uses your phone/tablets GPS receiver (just like a satnav) to track your location as you make your way around the walk, it will alert you to let know about changes in direction plus give you some information about points of interest on your chosen route. If this is all to high tech for you, you can print the directions and maps off of the website and depart the old fashioned way.
On this particular day we chose the St Neot Two Valleys walk, this starts and ends in the car park, taking you in a loop. To say this was a picturesque walk is an understatement, it was peaceful and very enjoyable.

Leaving the car park and walking through the village felt very tranquil, heading up a set of rickety steps and looking back over this quaint village was lovely.

St. Neot


From here we continued up the field and we soon began to attract some attention from the local inhabitants…


The friendly cows


Or was it Bella that they were interested in… It was recommended to us that if you have a dog and the cows start getting too close and look like they will charge then let your dog off of the lead as a dog will out run the cows and they’ll leave you alone.




They still followed us all the way to the top of the field but they weren’t threatening at all.




Once we had contained the cows we continued walking up a uneven path through what will be a tree tunnel in the summer until we got to the outskirts of Bodmin Moor.






After the moorland we walked down through a small wood and over some stiles until we arrived at a valley.






Walking through this valley was, I have to say was my favourite part of the walk, it was so peaceful and we were the only ones there.




From the valley we passed some intriguing looking sheep and some cute black lambs.








Passing the sheep then led us onto a long winding river, this turned out to be the river Fowey and begins its journey up at Siblyback Lake Reservoir on the moorlands.






Because we’d gone down to the valley and river we then had to head back up again (and it was a steep slog to the top) to rejoin a farm track which lead us back to the road, down to the village (entering the village next to the pub…) and back to the car park.
This was a truly lovely day out enjoying and sampling the Cornish country side in all its splendour at this time of year.

I don’t think we were the only ones to enjoy ourselves… do you?






I would love to hear your comments about your chosen walk!!

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  1. Thank you for the lovely review and really glad you enjoyed the walks. iWalk Cornwall is most definitely a labour of love so we are particularly happy to appear here 🙂 We are working on some more walks in southeast Cornwall and on the Lizard at the moment. It takes a couple of months to research, write and test them so look out for those in the summer. We’ve also just started work on some crowdsourcing functionality for the app to allow footpath issues to be fed back more easily so the Countryside department are aware of them all and can get their maintenance teams to mop up several at once when in the area.

    We’re on twitter as @iwalkc or facebook as iwalkcornwall if anyone wants to say hello to us.


    1. Hi John, thank you for your positive comment, I look forward to seeking out these new walks, I do love walking around the Cornish countryside, especially the Lizard area.

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