Enys Gardens

For our seventh adventure we decided to go to Enys Gardens. I love this time of year, I enjoy the pretty  and colourful hedgerows showing their stunning arrays of blossoms. I just love bluebells so Enys Gardens seem like the perfect place for us to enjoy and capture the beauty of these striking flowers.

The drive up to the gardens felt very grand and had a real sense of charm about it, with stunning views over looking Falmouth Bay. I can really see the appeal of these gorgeous gardens. On arriving at the car park I received a map, with good clear instructions of various sections of where different areas are located. We started our walk around the stables which shows all the family history of the house, gardens and estate…… Down the side of the house was a path, this headed to a quaint little hut and a charming fountain with Jane Enys’s name engraved upon it.






Following the signs we headed towards Parc Lye, this is where you get to see all of the beautiful bluebells…. We were a little disappointed as we were a week early, the bluebell festival doesn’t commence until 30th April, if you click here they have a blog which keeps you informed and updated about the bluebells progress.




Whilst walking around these lovely peaceful gardens I noticed lots of benches located in many different areas, I could imagine it would be a really relaxing environment to enjoy a lovely picnic, the locations for the benches have been chosen well with wonderful backdrops and picturesque views…. I’m going to return and enjoy a picnic on a much warmer day!!






We then decided to head down towards the pond to find the waterwheel, it was so tranquil here, I could have stayed for hours, listening to the sounds of the stream trickling in the background, there is something so therapeutic about this sound. The waterwheel is an amazing sight and has a bit of history attached to it, this information can be found written in the stables, it’s very interesting and a great read.






Heading back towards the flower gardens, before the archway there are some superb tree sculptures, very rustic and authentic looking..




After we passed through the archway heading back to the house we were dazzled by the amazing bursts of colour from a variety of flower beds.








This was a lovely afternoon out in a tranquil location, great for all ages, lots of beautiful flowers to see and a gorgeous walk, you can even take your dog (if kept on a lead). I came away from here feeling calm, relaxed and with some knowledge about the history of these charming gardens. I shall be returning on a warmer day with a picnic in hand to sit and enjoy on those tranquil bench locations!!


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