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For many years I have had a bucket list, I love the feeling of adventure and excitement building up inside of me whilst I write my goals and achieveable life experiences… I enjoy the whole process from the thought of writing it on paper and then planning ways to achieve my dreams.
After achieving many of my aspiring goals and I started to wonder how and when I decided to make a list.. So where does this term ‘bucket list’ come from, I understand the term ‘one for the road’, a quick tipple of your favourite drink before you get hung, plus many others, looking further into the ‘bucket list’ it seems to have a similar meaning.. The phrase derives from ‘kick the bucket’ which is the term for death…. So I’m guessing this is a list of things to complete before you die… Such a morbid way of looking at this I know, but as always, I’m often far to curious of why I do things and where it started and the history….

So on a lighter note here are 5 things from my list for me to achieve

  1. Segways – to travel around on a Segway, looks cool, fun with an echo friendly system
  2. Paddle boarding on the open sea, should properly try a lake first
  3. A road trip of America in an RV –  for me this is the best way to travel around stopping and exploring an area which interests you
  4. Feeding Big Cats – I love cats of any size, age, shape or form and would like nothing more than to be up close to them, feeding them
  5. Climbing a mountain (not rock climbing) – I love views and hiking, so this is the perfect goal for me

I know I’ve not added any thing remotely that envolves jumping out of a plane, bungee jumping or anything with heights as this petrifies me, that’s what’s so great about these lists they are individual and each one will look very different..  For those of you whom are thinking of creating a bucket list and feel as though they need a little inspiration here is a brilliant blog written by a lady called Anna achieving all of her bucket list in Cornwall hence the name of the blog

My Cornish Bucket List

I love reading this blog it’s truly inspiring…

If you are feeling excited and would like to create your very own bucket list below is a link to an app which is easy to use and you can add things as you go along!!

BUCKitDREAM (Apple)     BUCKitDREAM (Google Play)

If you have already created your list I would love to know what’s on yours!!


2 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. Loved reading this post. I love a list,any kind of list
    I did have two lists one was for the year and included local places that I’d never been to. This was helpful for when we both had a day off but no real idea what to do. Discovered, loved and returned to Kennall Vale woods this way.
    The other list was the “big one”,a master list if you like. Started one for this year but events such as hubby’s stroke have kind of put pay to any kind of list. Maybe later on I’ll go back to my lists.

    1. Oh Mo I’m so sorry to hear that husband has had a stroke…. I can imagine that a bucket list right now would not be an easy task… I wish you luck through your husbands recovery and that some day when he feels stronger you find some exciting adventures to embark upon.

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