Blogging in a cafe

At times blogging can be quite isolating and lonely, with just the computer screen for company. I’ve always enjoyed working with others, sharing ideas having a quick chat and a catch up, laughing at youtube and the photo evidence of a weekend of fun. After discussing this with my friends they thought I should try writing in a cafe or a place where it is  busy. At first I thought how am I going to do this, surely a peaceful environment is better for me to be able to write more  effectively, or was it?  With this question in mind, I decided to have a coffee and work in a busy environment to see if this is less isolating. The results were interesting, I could of probably got more work done at home but with all of the stimulation, noise and chatter it felt as if I had met a friend for coffee even though I was on my own. I didn’t write as much but it encouraged me to write about different topics, giving me more content of which I can share with you……

Love to here where your preferred environment is to diddly dot outside of the workplace… is it in your home or a social setting?

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