So Spring seems to have sprung this weekend and long may it continue. I’m aware that it’s not officially Spring until 20th March. However when the sun comes out I’m ready to declutter and start sorting out the mess in my cupboards. I find this so therapeutic, clearing out the clutter leaving space and energy for new items to come. It’s a feeling of letting go of something in order to bring something new¬†to me, which feels up lifting. Each year when decluttering, I often manage to get rid of at least 5 bin bags of things, ranging from old clothes, clothes I think I’m going to fit into again one day……. But if I did lose the weight I would prefer to treat myself to something new, another letting go!! I clear out my socks, undies, old bras, candles, blankets, towels, coats, scarfs and bags. I make sure I go through every cupboard.




This helps me to think more clearly and live a much simpler life, too many choices can be overwhelming!! It also brings me back to thinking Mr P and I can go away in our caravan for a month and not look for any thing we have in our home, so my question to myself and maybe to you is, are we just keeping things for the sake of it and not letting go and moving forwards, what are we holding on for?


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  1. You’ve inspired me – just tackled my spare room. 3 loads to the charity shop, 2 to the dump and 1 to sell online! Feeling happier already x

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