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Community Acupuncture

On Thursday evening I decided to give community acupuncture a go, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Arriving at Ponsanooth Hall, I manage to park in their free car park and noticed a sign with an arrow stating community acupuncture. I followed the sign and found another with an arrow pointing up some stairs. At the top of the stairs I opened the door and walked into a bright airy spacious room, the first thing I heard was some beautiful smoothing music and a saw a friendly American lady, I felt at ease straight away. The American lady whispered instructions to pull 2 chairs towards me, I sat on one and rested my feet on the other. The lady (Jill) gave me a swab to wipe both my ears before she began placing 5 needles in each. My right ear felt fine but my left was a little more tender, making it feel slightly tingly. Once the needles were in place I made myself comfortable and began to relax, I could feel the worries of the day just melting from my body as I became heavier and heavier (think I actually I fell asleep).

30 minutes later I opened my eyes, I felt so relaxed. It took a few minutes for me to revive myself, Jill could see that I was awake and walked across to remove my needles, she asked me some questions about how I was feeling! At that moment my body was feeling heavy and relaxed, I could happily of just slipped into bed. I left the room feeling like a weight had been lifted from shoulders and as if I was floating on air. Upon returning home I did a few chores but was in bed within 30 minutes. I had the best nights sleep that I have had for a very long time. Sleeping right through until my alarm went off the next morning, meaning I slept for 9 whole hours, that’s unheard of for me! I awoke feeling refreshed, recharge and ready to embrace the day ahead. This is a fantastic idea to enable people to have a relaxing treatment and look after their general well being for only £5. Totally amazing!! If you are interested in this event it is on Thursday evenings from 7.30-8 pm for needling, you can drift off and wake when you feel ready, it’s at Ponsanooth Hall, with easy access and parking.

Community Acupuncture
Ponsanooth Hall
St Michael’s Road


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