Sheepskin Insoles

I love walking my dog (Bella) around Cornwall but the weather is so unprediable. Most days since before Christmas I have been wearing my Wellington boots. It’s not that I mind, in fact I fine them  quite comfortable, but I don’t like putting on a cold welly, when it’s already so  cold outside. In the past I have tried  lots of different technequies to keep my feet warm, adding an extra pair of socks, using rubber insoles but it always seems such a faff, nothing seems to be effective or practical. After complaining to Mr P, he suggested looking on Amazon for some sort of padded sole, (I do love it when he comes up with a good idea!!) I managed to find these!!

Sheepskin insoles, just what I needed, lovely soft and light weight. I popped them in my wellies, they were amazing, so comfortable and warm, almost like wearing a pair of slippers. I have been wearing these over the winter months, they keep my feet lovely and toasty even on the coldest of days. I would highly recommend these brilliant insoles, they come in a variety of sizes and were an absolute bargain, £10 including postage and packaging, also they’re made in Britain so the delivery is quick and efficient.

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