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Quitting Sugar

I made a decision in the May of last year to quit refined sugar and remove it from my diet, believe me it wasn’t easy as I have a very sweet tooth. The whole journey of trying to find sugar-free food and making everything from scratch was challenging.

There is a perfectly plausible explanation why I chose to quit refined sugar; in the afternoons I was having a slump where I could have quite easily retired to my bed at around 3 pm. This is not an option as I have the school pick up and have to be a taxi, social secretary and mediator for when the squabbles broke out. I decided to do some research on my diet and looked really closely at what I was eating, it appeared that I was consuming a lot of sugar, more than my recommended daily allowance, it’s in so many things… my blood sugar level was crazy and I felt like I was spiralling out of control in this sugar fuelled emotional state.

With all of these facts I had to make some changes, no more processed foods for me, it was more like an experiment at first, then as time went on I realised I was sleeping better, felt more sharp, alert, had more energy, clearer skin and my general well-being was transforming. Why would I ever go back to eating sugar again….?

The first month was the hardest, I’m not going to lie it was difficult, I was totally obsessed with checking supermarket labels, to my sheer disappointment almost all processed foods contain sugar, including most breads!!! So what I am I going to eat???? Lettuce, carrots, cucumber and homemade hummus….

I have found some amazing dishes and snacks that I make on a regular basis, which have helped me to removed refined sugar from my diet, I will be adding a few of these to my blog this week, it’s a great way to start the new you. Once you have quit sugar you won’t want to go back, you will feel more up lifted, no more blood sugar highs and crashing lows…

A new App called Sugar Smart has been designed for those of you who are interested in how much sugar is in products, you scan the bar code and it will tell you how much sugar is in each item, it’s very interesting finding out the results, you may be surprised as to what is actually contained in the products compared to what they state, I certainly was….

Sugar Smart

Download the Sugar Smart App at either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store



A Cornish Mum

10 thoughts on “Quitting Sugar

    1. Thank you Becky,it was a surprising journey for me to discover how much sugar is hidden in foods.I’m so pleased that the new sugar smart app has been designed,hopefully it will give people more of an idea of the sugar content in each product.

  1. Hi Lynne
    I’m really pleased that you are enjoying the blog. The sugar free recipes are so quick to make, it’s great that the whole family are enjoying them.

  2. Great post! I tried this last year and went three days before I caved! I’m going to try again though, Ive also downloaded the app and was horrified by how much sugar I eat!! #PickNMix

  3. Well done on quitting sugar, I think that must be one of the hardest food-stuffs to quit. As you noticed it’s everywhere (and also pretty tasty). I love to bake and don’t really want to stop, but I could probably investigate ways to bake with less sugar as a first step. It really helps to learn about all the benefits you’ve experienced, that’s quite inspiring.

  4. Hi ljdove23, I can completely understand how you caved after 3 days, it’s really hard to quit sugar in the beginning, however the benefits are amazing and I feel fantastic now. I am also horrified by how much sugar we all comsume. I do hope that more will be done about it to bring people’s attention to this problem and the effects it is having on our society.

  5. Hello Robyn, thank you for your comments!! As it was my birthday over the weekend, I felt it would be the perfect opportunity to make a cake. This whole journey of quitting sugar has been very interesting, experimenting with different tastes and textures, quite excited at times, especially if the recipe works. I will be posting the recipe later this week…. Hope that this will help you on your journey to baking more with less sugar…..Good luck!!

    1. It has been quite a journey,however the benefits of quitting sugar to my health have been amazing.
      It’s lovely to hear that you changed your eating habits and felt that you benefitted from it, makes it all worth it.

  6. Well done for sticking to it 🙂 I really do need to improve my diet at the moment, I’m always busy and end up grabbing what i can to eat as I work – never anything good for me. I’m more aware of sugar and carb content than most people as my eldest has Type 1 Diabetes, so we need to know the content of anything he eats to now how much insulin to give him for his injections. It was eye opening 6 and a half years ago when I started examining labels more.
    Thanks for linking up to #PicknMix

    Stevie x

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