The Great Cath Kidston Giveaway

Whilst visiting family in Surrey Mr P and I decided to go to Windsor to do a spot of shopping. The shops in Windsor are amazing, living in Cornwall our choice is a little limited, so I seize any opportunity available to visit different outlets, especially so close to Christmas. Parking in Windsor was straight forward, we found a great car park within the first few minutes and thought that the prices were very reasonable at £5 for over 4 hours (I didn’t spend this much time shopping as I had Mr P with me).

We visited the castle first which was amazing, then headed to the shops. It felt very festive with the Christmas lights and the projector on the castle. Trundling though the streets of Windsor I noticed a Cath Kidston, after previously having a conversation with Mr P about buying some new mugs, this was the perfect opportunity, I love their beautiful and elegant designs which bring a feminine touch into our home. I could spend hours walking around this shop looking at these wonderful collections.


On this particular visit, we noticed 2 ladies standing in the entrance with a wooden basket of red flat paper crackers offering these out to customers. I opened mine and it said 10% off of any purchase of £35 or over, not sure I was going to use this as I had only intended to buy 2 mugs. Mr P’s however was a free bag up to the value of £60, you can imagine my delight!


Mr P had a look of surprise followed by a large gulp when he saw how many bags were on display, we could be in the store for quite some time. With the help of Mr P I decided on a red overnight bag with a floral design, perfect for our adventures.


I love the way it comes with its own small storage bag, which take up less space when not in use. It also has a detachable shoulder strap with a funky colourful strip running through it.

Thank you Cath Kidston for my free bag I look forward to using it very soon.


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