Bodum Travel Mugs

Whilst travelling to Bude on our first adventure, we were looking to grab a decaf coffee from somewhere, however, after trying McDonald’s and various other outlets, nowhere sold decaf coffee to go. I normally pack a flask, but trying to pour this can often be a little tricky and I end up with dribbles of coffee over me or the seat!!

With this in mind I decided to purchase two Bodum travel mugs for our trip to Surrey, a red one for me and a green one for Mr P.

They look very stylish with a stainless steel design and a silicone band which was great for my pinkies, they have screw top spill resistant lids with a vacuum seal to keep my coffee nice and warm for the journey, a stopper on the top with an opening for drinking from. Fab, as this meant no coffee on me or the seat….


These amazing mugs hold 0.35 litres, just enough to last us through the trip, the added bonus is that they are dishwasher safe which is a real convenience. Would highly recommend these brilliant travel mugs, one very happy lady, oh and a happy Mr P. They really are the perfect Christmas gift for anyone who has a busy lifestyle or just enjoys a nice hot beverage to go. They come in an array of colours, with so many to choose from, what colour is yours going to be?


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