Angarrack Christmas lights

Mr P knows just how much I love Christmas and all the festivities, the Christmas tree, shopping, mulled wine, roasted chestnuts, wrapping/opening presents and surprises, everything feels and seems magical to me. The preparations for the month ahead and the countdown to the big day itself. As I’m a lover of this time of year Mr P used his first letter A and took me to see Angarrack Christmas lights.

Angarrack is a small quaint village located near Hayle in Cornwall, which is famous for its railway viaduct and their Christmas lights. The theme is based on the Twelve Days of Christmas and it is truly amazing, a definite must to schedule in either before or after Christmas. The display started in 2003 with the first 5 days of Christmas and has slowly been added to each year with the last being completed in 2010.


As we started to walk down the hill we were amazed by the big welcome lights as you entered the village and the array of images you can see. Strolling past the pub (The Angarrack Inn) we saw 12 Drummers Drumming in the car park, lovely to watch as they individually light up and then all 12 together, a little further along at the bridge we saw 7 Swans A Swimming and on the opposite side 10 Lords A Leaping with crocodiles swimming in the water, very funny and cleverly done.












Whilst slowly ambling around we reached the cross roads, there seemed to be more lights on the left hand side, with each house making a real effort to capture the essence of Christmas. We noticed another theme running throughout, all of Santa’s reindeers, great for children to spot as they are dotted around in different areas.

DSC_0024Walking back enjoying this gorgeous evening to the crossroads we had a wonder around in the opposite side of the road we saw a beautiful nativity scene which brings home the real meaning of Christmas. This was an amazing evening and there is something really magical about these Christmas lights.




The official switching on ceremony was held on the 28th November and they will be on every evening between 5 & 10pm until the 5th January. This was a lovely outing that is sure to bring a smile to every ones face regardless of their age.

We topped our evening off with a swift half at the local pub……


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