Celebrating our Wedding Anniversary

Mr P (my husband) and I recently celebrated our wedding anniversary, well I say recently but I really mean in September, it was not just any anniversary but a decade of being married. Not sure what appropriate gifts to buy one another we decided or shall I say I did that we would take the word ANNIVERSARY, remove an N and use the remaining 10 letters. The plan was that for the next 10 months we would  have an adventure beginning with one of these letters each month and to my surprise Mr P asked for 5 letters!! What letters should I give him?……


The suggestion was made that we should pull the letters from a hat and we get what we get, it was an exciting moment to see what fate decided for us…. and I chose N,A,R,R,Y! Not great to have 2 letters the same, but at least I was one step ahead of my husband and already had plans in progress.

I will let you know about our first adventure soon.

The next few months are going to be very exciting……





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