Why Is Reading so Important?

Since as long as I can remember I have always enjoyed reading. Finding a fantastic book with a great story line that is going to transport me to another world. I love to read and I find it incredibly relaxing and therapeutic. Reading is fundamental to us in our society, reading instructions, filling out application forms or following a map, they all require the ability to read.

Here’s 5 reasons why!! 

It increases your verbal ability 

Whilst scanning your eyes across the page and reading a variety of different and more varied words, can help to improve your vocabulary. This may not enable you to be a better communicator. However it gives you the opportunity to put these words into practice when having a discussion whilst trying to get your point across.

Improves your concentration

I am the first to admit I have trouble concentrating, just reading my school report is sheer proof of this. But when it comes to reading I can close the outside world off and immerse myself in the text in front of me. Having the ability to do this will in time strengthen and increase your attention span.

It reduces stress 

After numerous studies being carried out. The findings were that it only takes six minutes of silent reading to slow down the heart rate and fully relax.

Gives you something to talk about

It’s great to chat freely with others whom read and share your passion for books. You will be able to engage with a wider variety of people and in turn improve your knowledge and conversational skills.

It develops imagination

Reading can help to develop the mind and the creative ability of most people. When reading you are conjuring up an imagine of a person, a place or surroundings. This is developing your imagination as well as your mind. The mind is a muscle after all and needs a workout.


So the next time you find your stress levels starting to soar remember, just six minutes of reading will lower the heart rate and help to relieve stress.

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