Pickled Onions

Theres something quite special about Autumn and the preparations involved to see you through the winter months. Especially my pickled onions. Because of this, I therefore use the Autumn months to make my stock of delicious treats, ready to share over the festive season. Pickling is a great way to perserve crops, which never last long in my house! Things just wouldn’t be the same over festive season without these delicious pickles, great to munch on with a lovely spread of cold meats or to accompany some strong sharp cheese, bread and crackers. Hence the reason why I tend to make a batch every year. This recipe is so simple and easy you will wonder why you haven’t done it before!! However when I’m preparing the pickles it does tend to take some time, so I listen to a podcast or just pop on my favourite tunes.


For a one litre jar

450g Pickled onions

400ml Brown vinegar of your choice

2 tsp of Pickling spices

50g Salt

600 ml Water


Prepare your brine mixture of salt and water

Peel the onions

Place in a container of salty water overnight (draws out the water, giving you a crunchier texture)

Remove from the container the following day and dry

Transfer to a glass jar and fill half of jar with the onions

Pour in your vinegar filling to the top

Finally add your spices

Please note: If you are wanting your onions sweeter in taste, then add some sugar.


These onions will be ready in a month but, will taste better if left for 2 months. Enjoy!!

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