Sloe Gin Recipe

How to make sloe gin

Since Autumn is finally here, it’s time to start foraging for sloes. These plump ripe sour berries make the most delicious sloe gin. However this tasty festive drink takes 2 months to mature. This is why I start foraging and making mine in September to ensure it’s ready for Christmas.

So where do I find these berries?

These dark purple berries grow on the blackthorn tree and can be found in hedgerows around the UK. There’s a great debate about the best time to pick these berries. Many say after the first frost but I tend to pick mine and freeze them as this helps to simulate the first frost.


1lb of sloes
1 litre bottle of gin
8oz of sugar


It may pay for you to soak the sloes in fresh cold water for a couple of hours to remove any insects

Remove from the freezer
Prick each sloe with a cocktail stick or fork and place into a bottle of your choice
Add the sugar
Finally pour the gin into the bottle

Once the slow gin has been made its important to store in a dark place and ensure that the bottle is turned everyday to distribute the sugar.

Finally after 2 months this fabulous drink will be ready for you to sample and enjoy!! Hic!!

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