Quick Cocao Balls

For throw back Thursday I thought I would share this recipe again. These gorgeous tasty quick cocao balls have been such a hit with everyone. I make a batch every week and have found them delicious to eat after they have been in the fridge. Lovely cold sweet tasty treats, perfect for those summer evenings.

Since quitting sugar in May 2015 I have really missed having a nice chunk of chocolate with a cup of coffee in the afternoons, so I decided to find an alternative snack. These cacao balls were the answer, they are tasty, delicious bite sized truffle balls… yummy….



100g Cashew Nuts

150g Medjool Dates

15g Raw Cacao Powder

15g Raw Cacao Nibs



Pop the cashews into a food processor until they are well ground

Remove stones from dates if not using pitted dates

Add dates to the cashews and process until the mixture is starting to clump

Add the cacao powder and nibs and pulse together

Line an airtight container with tin foil

Roll the mixture into small bite size balls and refrigerate

One is enough for me to satisfy my sweet cravings, but as Mr P also loves them I often make 1-2 batches a week. I will always make a batch if the ladies come to me for coffee, they are gone in minutes. A fantastic alternative to go with tea or coffee instead of cake.

Really hope you find these cocao balls as scrumptious as we do, a healthy satisfying treat.


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