Savisto Titan Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

With the weather warming up and spending more time outdoors I found that I was getting quite thirsty and probably not drinking as much water as I should, due to this I invested in this gorgeous stylish fruit infuser water bottle from Savisto. This amazing attractive design has a leek proof screw top lid with an integrated safety seal so it’s perfect for me when I’m venturing to the beach, for a swim or enjoying outdoor pursuits. It’s made from eco friendly material and is also dishwasher safe, this is always a must for my convenient lifestyle. It features a carry handle, is lightweight and ideal for just popping into my bag to keep with me throughout the day.




This great product is extremely easy to use, just fill it with some of your favourite fruit combinations to add a hint of flavour to your water. I enjoy creating my own devious fruit combinations from scratch, drinking water will never be a bland affair again. The list of flavours is endless, just chop your favourite fruit, place them in the infuser, insert the infuser into the bottle, fill with water and there you have it a lovely refreshing drink thats quick and easy to make.

Health boosting

Fruit infused water provides a hydrating alternative to artificial flavourings, fizzy drinks and sugar. Fill up with natural vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants released from your favourite fruit as well as increasing your metabolism, supporting your immune system and detoxing in style!

Some lovely variations to try

Strawberry & Kiwi: Great for the immune system, blood sugar levels, cardiovascular health and digestion.

Cucumber, Lime & Lemon: Great for flushing out toxins, appetite control and relieves bloating.

Orange, Lemon & Ginger: Great for hydration, immune system and blood circulation.




The added bonus with using this infuser bottle is the money that you will be saving whilst sipping on this at work and taking it on outdoor pursuits. Also I am happy knowing what ingredients are in the drink, no added preservatives just filled with fresh fruit and water to boost my health. It holds just over a pint of water (800 ml) which is enough to keep me hydrated whilst at the beach or out walking my dog (Bella). It’s ¬†great value for money and very stylish.

So if you are wanting to stay healthy, hydrated and feel better, why not purchase this gorgeous fruit infuser water bottle

Also don’t forget your friends this would make a lovely gift for anyone.


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