Staycation Round Up

My staycation 

I’ve got to say that my staycation was fantastic.. I was lucky with the weather, I’d managed to tick something off of my bucket list and really enjoyed what Cornwall had to offer. I feel refreshed, happy and relaxed which is just how I want to feel after a weeks holiday.

Would I do it again?

Yes is the answer to this question, for the sheer reason that has this has been a new experience and a real eye opener for me, as I’m a keen traveller and like to explore new places and embark on new adventures. When I have another staycation holiday I will include a boat trip or learn a new skill maybe archery or playing tennis, these are two things that I feel I would really like to master.  Sometimes I can get so focusesd on travelling and being away that I often forget what’s on offer on my own door step.. I don’t have jet lag or a huge pile of washing to contend with before heading back to work. A very enjoyable and successful week.



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