Embrace Life Whatever your Age

Whilst visiting the hair dressers last week I stumbled across a fantastic article in the Good Housekeeping magazine written about Fern Britton.. This incredible lady is turning 60 next year and I couldn’t quite believe it…. Throughout her interview she expressed that ageing doesn’t frighten her, how she stays fit and how very lucky she is to have been given the opportunity to write of which she clearly enjoys….
This line was quite a powerful for me, she said “I can see and feel the joy in life more now than I used to”

This really struck a chord and my head was transported back to being 20. I remember my 20’s so clearly, I was naive, excited by life, drank too much, a risk taker, traveller, but what was so apparent were my insecurities… I would do my best to hide this feeling but I was incredibly self-conscious, I guess this comes down to not having life experiences behind me to know no matter what, that everything will be ok.. I always felt as though I was being judged, however I’m sure my only judge was me. I loved the freedom of this decade and the new fresh experiences, which have helped shape me into the person I am today.

Then in my 30’s oh my lovely 30’s – I felt as though I was growing and developing into the person I wanted to be, not that crowd pleaser any more, just me doing my own thing, my own way and fulfilling my own insecurities and developing an inner strength. This decade felt inspiring, ever-changing, wholesome, grounding, responsible and home loving, a very cherished decade.

Hitting 40 – This was not a good milestone for me initially, I thought how have I reached FORTY – aarrgghhh!! when did that happen and where have those years gone?

But now I am embracing my 40’s, I know who I am, who I want to spend time with, where I’m going in life (late developer, I know) I feel amazing in this next phase and feel I have lots of exciting things ahead of me, learning to let go and trust that everything is going to be fine, fun and what I make it.

So this leads me into thinking that in 9 years I will be 50  “bring it on” I say – the great thing for me about getting older is developing self-confidence and not really caring what people think…. I recently read a blog post from mostly yummy mummy and she is at the point of not really giving a stuff and not being hung up on things that really don’t matter, whilst she is strutting her stuff and showing off her bare white legs in the sun…….

My real point here is that, we may think that those around us are judging us, but really it’s us judging ourselves and to be honest most people are so caught up in their own lives, family, friends even their own dramas and insecurities that no one has the time or energy to worry about sweating the small stuff……… So enjoy life to the full, no matter what age you are, conquer the world, be kind to yourself and others and remember this is your journey…… Everyone’s is unique!!

5 thoughts on “Embrace Life Whatever your Age

  1. What a lovely post. I know I am my harshest critic. A timely reminder to be kinder to myself. I have had quite a few people say That their 40s have been the turning point, a liberating decade.
    Bring it on indeed!! ❤️

  2. I love this post! I am far happy now being 29 than I ever was in my early twenties. I found that part of my life so fraught and frantic. Now I know myself and wouldn’t change it for the world 🙂 fantastically honest post, more like this please, the next battle is how do you do the work, family and career balance?There is always something pressing to deliberate over. Much love.

  3. Great post, we agree entirely! Most anxiety and stress is from our own insecurities. It is just recognising and realising that it is pressure and demands from ourselves that we have control of.
    Interesting article….food for thought!

  4. So very true, we’re definitely the harshest critics of ourselves. I too am embracing my 40s with less anxiety and far more enjoyment. Getting to grips with my body after a pregnancy has been a challenge, both mentally and physically. However, I love my precious little girl and my wonderful hubby for his endless love and support, such a star! Tis time to get bucket loads of satisfaction from life 🙂

  5. Wow! Totally agree with this post. As I approach 40 (not quite there yet) I realise that you make your life what you want it to be – I know what I want to do and if people want to do it with me great – if not then I now feel confident enough to do it on my own x

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