Lemon Sherbet Squares

After quitting refined sugar in May 2015 I have search every available source to find some delicious recipes. Breakfast, lunch and my evening meals have been easy to prepare without really thinking about the sugar content ….. However when it comes to sweet snacks this has proven to be a little more tricky….

Finding this recipe from the herb diaries has been amazing, these lovely tasty lemon sherbet squares are the perfect combination to have with a cuppa and also a great dessert for a dinner party. They have been a huge hit with everyone, Mr P, friends, family and children, I do love it when I’m making a recipe and others enjoy the food.

What amazed me so much was the taste, the lovely sweet chewy base with a smooth nutty almost creamy like texture on the top with the tartness of the lemon coming through, I enjoyed mine with some strawberries, making this the perfect contradiction of flavours on your palate, a real explosion in my mouth.

I hope you also enjoy these as much as we have, oh and the great thing is they only take 10 minutes to make, no cooking involved just an hour to set in the fridge, leaving you time to enjoy your dinner party, BBQ, picnic or just a quick cuppa in the sun, when it decides to make an appearance!!

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