Brit stops

I was recently having a conversation with a friend and we were chatting about our plans for the year ahead and the places we would like to visit during our holidays. She explained that she was going to take her trusted camper van and do a tour around the UK with her daughter. I love to hear about places to visit and share my knowledge and enthusiasm about the places we have visited. During the conversation she mention about Brit Stops, I’d never heard of this as we are caravan fans and this is only open to camper vans and motor homes.

The set up sounded absolutely amazing… You pay an annual membership fee of £30.50 (£27.50 plus £3 p&p for the information guide) and you can travel around Britain staying in farm shops, vineyards, pubs, breweries, craft/antique centres plus many more. It’s safe and very convenient, imagine after having a fantastic day out exploring a new area you can park in a new location for just one night before heading onto your next destination. I love the idea of being able to just pop in for a quick bite to eat or drink, sample local produce, browse craft fairs, or book a tour of a vineyard……. at least you don’t have far to travel after sampling their wines. You’re not obliged to buy any products, however when saving money on a campsite fee you may feel that you could spend that money on some local produce, stocking up your van before heading to your next destination.

This is how it works. Once you have paid your fee you will receive an information guide stating where you can stay, it will also tell you lots of other information like name and telephone number of your hosts, if dogs are allowed plus much more. Some hosts like to be contacted prior to your arrival, again all of this info is in the guide. Another important factor to consider before heading off on your journey is to read the code of conduct, you need to display your sticker in the window of your vehicle, this is to ensure that the host knows that you have a membership with Brit Stops. All of the information needed for this fantastic opportunity is on the Brit Stops website

I hope you have found this  helpful and I wish you a safe and exciting time ahead seeking out and exploring those amazing locations. I feel we may be missing a trick here and have considered buying a camper van and selling our caravan. At least then I could go away on a little girly tour with my friends, the idea of towing the caravan fills me with horror… maybe this is the way forwards….. need to have a chat with Mr P I think!!!

Please note – This service is only available for camper vans and motor homes, it’s not for tents or caravans.

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