Who moved my cheese

Starting from this month I’m going to share a book with you, which I have read and found interesting for various reasons. I’m kicking off April with ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ by Dr. Spencer Johnson, I think this is a good book about change and what better time to read it than in the Spring.

At times during my life I’ve been quite resistant to change, but if I don’t change I fear that I may become stuck. This book has cleverly shown me this and I feel that I will look at the process of change differently from now on. In the book ‘Cheese’ is the word that is used to symbolise what you want in your life i.e. a good job, a loving relationship, money, living environment, spiritual growth and peace of mind. It beautifully captures our resistance to change by looking at four individual characters and how they deal with it in their own unique way, running through their maze of life. ‘Maze’ is used to symbolise the organisation or business they are working for, their family and the community they live in. This has been motivationally written to help anyone who is about to experience change and how to deal with it effectively, it’s also worth a read to help you adapt your ideas when change does eventually occur.

A short easy read which is thought-provoking and may just help you deal with change effectively and positively, as one door closes another will always open.

Are you ready to go and find some new cheese?

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