Month: April 2016


Brit stops

I was recently having a conversation with a friend and we were chatting about our plans for the year ahead and the places we would like to visit during our holidays. She explained that she was going to take her trusted camper van and do a tour around the UK with her daughter. I love to hear about places to visit and share my knowledge and enthusiasm about the places we have visited. During the conversation she mention about Brit Stops, I’d never heard of this as we are caravan fans and this is only open to camper vans and motor homes.

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Stuffed Courgettes

With summer fast approaching and the weather getting warmer I am aware I probably need to ditch my wholesome winter food and choose some nice veggie dishes, one of my firm favourites is stuffed courgettes. These tasty vegetables are low in fat and contain very few calories, you’re looking at about 17 kcal per 100g (not including added extras e.g. cheese), this is due to their high water content, they also contain potassium and vitamin C.

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Bucket List

For many years I have had a bucket list, I love the feeling of adventure and excitement building up inside of me whilst I write my goals and achieveable life experiences… I enjoy the whole process from the thought of writing it on paper and then planning ways to achieve my dreams.
After achieving many of my aspiring goals and I started to wonder how and when I decided to make a list.. So where does this term ‘bucket list’ come from, I understand the term ‘one for the road’, a quick tipple of your favourite drink before you get hung, plus many others, looking further into the ‘bucket list’ it seems to have a similar meaning.. The phrase derives from ‘kick the bucket’ which is the term for death…. So I’m guessing this is a list of things to complete before you die… Such a morbid way of looking at this I know, but as always, I’m often far to curious of why I do things and where it started and the history….

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Apple and cinnamon cookies

I love this time of year when the clocks have changed, the days are lighter for longer and the sun is starting to shine. This is when I actually enjoy walking my dog along the coastal paths and having a coffee and snack on the beach. I decided I needed to make some tasty treats and made these amazing moist apple and cinnamon cookies. They are great to have with a coffee after a walk or as a snack at any time of the day. A lovely tasty treat which is gluten and sugar free!

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Who moved my cheese

Starting from this month I’m going to share a book with you, which I have read and found interesting for various reasons. I’m kicking off April with ‘Who Moved My Cheese’ by Dr. Spencer Johnson, I think this is a good book about change and what better time to read it than in the Spring.

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Blogging in a cafe

At times blogging can be quite isolating and lonely, with just the computer screen for company. I’ve always enjoyed working with others, sharing ideas having a quick chat and a catch up, laughing at youtube and the photo evidence of a weekend of fun. After discussing this with my friends they thought I should try writing in a cafe or a place where it is  busy. At first I thought how am I going to do this, surely a peaceful environment is better for me to be able to write more  effectively, or was it?  With this question in mind, I decided to have a coffee and work in a busy environment to see if this is less isolating. The results were interesting, I could of probably got more work done at home but with all of the stimulation, noise and chatter it felt as if I had met a friend for coffee even though I was on my own. I didn’t write as much but it encouraged me to write about different topics, giving me more content of which I can share with you……

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