Liquorice Tea

10 good reasons why I drink liquorice tea!!

Liquorice tea is so good for you and has many different healing properties, I’m not sure why we don’t drink it more… It has an amazing sweet taste and this is not surprising as ‘liquorice’ comes from an ancient Greek word, meaning ‘sweet root’. To me this describes the taste accurately. I currently have about 2 cups a day, its very refreshing and has a unique taste.

Reasons why I drink liquorice tea

1) It is useful for reducing some upper respiratory symptoms

2) Great for assisting with weight loss

3) Useful for indigestion and acid reflux

4) A mild laxative

5) Has anti-inflammatory properties

6) Great for low blood pressure

7) Eases pre-menstrual tension

8) Contains no refined sugar

9) An effective liver cleanser

10) Fantastic for anxiety

These are just some of the reasons why I drink liquorice tea.

N.B. There are some health warnings around this herb, so please ensure that you read the warning labels before consuming.

2 thoughts on “Liquorice Tea

  1. Great to see you both last night!… I’m loving the sound of the liquorice tea…will give it a whirl! Loving your blog, loads of inspiring ideas! Xx

  2. Hello Sue, thank you for your positive comments, it’s fantastic to have feed back. The liquorice tea is really lovely, a great alternative to the fruit flavours.

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