Month: February 2016


Sheepskin Insoles

I love walking my dog (Bella) around Cornwall but the weather is so unprediable. Most days since before Christmas I have been wearing my Wellington boots. It’s not that I mind, in fact I fine them  quite comfortable, but I don’t like putting on a cold welly, when it’s already so  cold outside. In the past I have tried  lots of different technequies to keep my feet warm, adding an extra pair of socks, using rubber insoles but it always seems such a faff, nothing seems to be effective or practical. After complaining to Mr P, he suggested looking on Amazon for some sort of padded sole, (I do love it when he comes up with a good idea!!) I managed to find these!!

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Homemade Sugar Free Bread

This bread is so easy to make I try and make it on a Sunday afternoon ready for my week ahead. It has a heavier texture and is not as light and fluffy as many white breads but it is still very tasty.

Bread has been eaten in many different countries around the world for thousands of years. It provides part of our every day staple diet, which can be consumed in many different forms. Many years ago bread was initially baked over open fires but gradually as we became more advanced we were able to have brick or stone ovens built in our homes. Through the advancement of technology and growing trends ovens have been installed in our homes today and we can make our own bread. The supermarkets also have arrays of different choices and flavours. The thing that concerns me with supermarket bread is that it contains sugar and often has some sort of perservative added to it to extend its shelf life.

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Liquorice Tea

10 good reasons why I drink liquorice tea!!

Liquorice tea is so good for you and has many different healing properties, I’m not sure why we don’t drink it more… It has an amazing sweet taste and this is not surprising as ‘liquorice’ comes from an ancient Greek word, meaning ‘sweet root’. To me this describes the taste accurately. I currently have about 2 cups a day, its very refreshing and has a unique taste.

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