Christmas preps!!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, well for me it is anyway. As mention in a previous post I love Christmas. However last year was totally last and poor Mr P must of wondered where his fun, Christmas loving and calm wife had disappeared, instead he had a crazy, frantic wreck around him sitting in a sea of wrapping paper and presents feeling totally overwhelmed. With this in mind I made a promise to myself that this year would be different. I started buying presents in October and finished the last of them in November, with the final presents arriving yesterday.  I have been wrapping them as they arrived and they are now sitting in special bags all labelled waiting to be delivered (if only Santa could do this for me). Heading into December I can now enjoy putting the tree up, decorating the house, Christmas lights, lunches and parties not forgetting the Christingle and Christmas play, which always brings a tear to my eye, as well as making merriment with those that are special to me…


How are your Christmas plans?

2 thoughts on “Christmas preps!!

  1. I like to pick up a few things in the January sales. Last year I got some lovely xmas decorations at half price or better. I have given them to my children’s teachers this year…better than a box of chocolates! You can never have enough decorations in my opinion 🙂

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