Month: November 2015


Angarrack Christmas lights

Mr P knows just how much I love Christmas and all the festivities, the Christmas tree, shopping, mulled wine, roasted chestnuts, wrapping/opening presents and surprises, everything feels and seems magical to me. The preparations for the month ahead and the countdown to the big day itself. As I’m a lover of this time of year Mr P used his first letter A and took me to see Angarrack Christmas lights.

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Our first adventure, with the letter N. Night on a houseboat…..

I booked it through Canopy and Stars; they have an array of fantastic, unique and somewhat quirky places to stay. This particular boat was located near Bude in North Cornwall, when we arrived at the houseboat we were greeted by Ivan and little Freddie, he was our tour guide who at 21 months was just adorable, we were given clear instructions and shown around the boat and its surroundings.

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Celebrating our Wedding Anniversary

Mr P (my husband) and I recently celebrated our wedding anniversary, well I say recently but I really mean in September, it was not just any anniversary but a decade of being married. Not sure what appropriate gifts to buy one another we decided or shall I say I did that we would take the word ANNIVERSARY, remove an N and use the remaining 10 letters. The plan was that for the next 10 months we would  have an adventure beginning with one of these letters each month and to my surprise Mr P asked for 5 letters!! What letters should I give him?……